Your Best Year Yet: Smash Your Fitness Goals

The following post was written by guest blogger, Paige Johnson.  Paige shares a vision with LearnFit, which is dedicated to providing information on living a lifestyle that’s healthy for both or bodies and our planet.  Enjoy!

Your Best Year Yet:  Smash Your Fitness Goals

When you look back on last year, what kind of emotion does it stir up? Are you glad that the year has passed? Do you remember the resolution you made at this time last year? Did your resolution materialize? If you are not satisfied with any of your answers to these questions, then this is for you. Health and fitness related goals are the number one resolution at the start of every year. Yet every year, many people end it feeling disappointed in themselves for not sticking to their resolution all year. This year doesn’t have to result in that same sad song! Time to set your alarm on life and smash your fitness resolution!

Get prepared

As with most endeavors in life, you will need a clear cut plan as to how you are going to set yourself up for success. If your goal is to lose weight, you will want to be sure to fill your body with the proper foods and nourishment in order to do so. You will need to find a workout regimen that will work for your body type without putting too much stress on it. If you are not sure which direction to go in the gym, now would be the time to consider hiring a personal trainer to show you the ropes.

 If your fitness goal is to run a marathon, you will need to research what your body will need to endure such a task. You will need to know the type of food that will give you fuel and you will also need to know how to prepare for a marathon in various weather conditions. You may also find benefit in joining a local training club to help condition you for race day. As the cliche says, preparation is the key to success and a failure to plan is a plan for failure. If you want to rock out with your goals all year long then it’s imperative that you plan for achievement.

Make it fun

There’s no reason getting fit and healthy has to happen through a regimen of grueling workouts and bland meals. If you want to stick to your get healthy plan for all of 2017 and beyond, you’ll have to make doing so fun. That means finding ways to exercise that you actually enjoy and look forward to. Don’t hesitate to try new forms of working out. For example, you might give indoor rock climbing a try or take a dance class. There are also ways to spice up what might feel like a boring routine. For example, if you are training for a long-distance run, you might bring your dog along. Having a companion for those long runs will make them go by a little faster.

And your meals shouldn’t be boring either, otherwise you’ll be tempted to slip back toward unhealthy choices. The trick is to make eating healthy easy on yourself. If you’re constantly having to research healthy recipes your enthusiasm will probably be zapped pretty quickly. You might try signing up for a food delivery program. Naturebox is a company that ships healthy snacks to customers while Blue Apron sends recipes along with the fresh ingredients you need to make them right in your own kitchen. And chances are there may be a farm or farmer’s market in your area where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and other homegrown or homemade goodies.

Celebrate your milestones

Photo By Bao-Quan-Nguyen

A lot of people tend to forget the long road between Point A and Point B. If you focus on only the end result of your goals you will miss out on the beauty in the journey! Also, if you set too lofty a goal you may find yourself struggling to reach it. It is important to meet yourself where you are and set small goals to assist you along they way to reaching the overall picture.

Your first small goal or mini-resolution may be to work out 3 days a week for a month. This is not only a helpful goal —it is also well within your reach. Once you get to the one month mark and you have successfully worked out 3 times a week, celebrate! It doesn’t have to be anything grand or over the top, but however you decide to celebrate, it will keep you motivated and focused to keep going until the next milestone. If you use the year to set up a course of mini-resolutions, you will begin to form a habit and turn your resolution into a joyous part of life that you look forward to!

Should you decide to implement these tips along with your New Year’s resolution you can and will come out on top of your goal by next year. Take the stress off of yourself and enjoy the transition of leading a healthier life. Use your fitness resolution as a tool to help you overcome your past attempts and walk into your best year yet!