In like a lion…safety tips for manuevering in the snow & ice

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  I for one am praying for the lamb to arrive sooner rather than later, but as I sit in my office this morning watching the snowflakes fall once again I thought I’d share the following tips for those who will venture out into the snow/ice over the next few days while.  

  • Dress Appropriately – While common sense dictates bundling up to keep warm – pay close attention to your footwear if you go outside.   Rubber or neoprene soles provide more traction than leather or plastic.   Avoid the smooth soled “comfort” style shoes in snowy and icy conditions.   If fashion/comfort dictates a smooth soled shoe – pack them in a bag & put them on once safely inside.
  • Plan Ahead – Take a minute to evaluate the landscape and plan accordingly.   That driveway or parking lot looks a lot different with mounds of snow and patches of ice.   Choose clear and level paths when possible.   Also, avoid shortcuts when the ground turns icy.
  • Focus & Slow Down – If you’re in an unfamiliar area beware of deep snow, frozen ponds & slippery patches.  Walk around rather than through hazardous areas.  Plan for extra time, take smaller steps and avoid carrying bulky or heavy loads that can impact balance.
  • Recognize High Risk Situations – Take care getting in & out of your car, truck or van.  Be careful on steps.   After dark, pay careful attention for spots of black ice.
  • Remove or Wipe Shoes/Boots Upon Entry – That snow caught up in your footwear quickly turns to puddles of water & become a slipping hazard inside.   Take care to clean your soles or remove your shoes before coming inside.

We treat injuries that can be attributed to the snow and ice frequently.    These tips can help you mitigate the chance of a snow/ice related injury befalling you or a loved one.