Opening at Noon, Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks to Winter Storm Octavia, we’re planning on opening late on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.   As of now we’re planning to open at Noon if conditions allow.   If we haven’t been in touch to reschedule your appointment, we’ll work to do that tomorrow. Check back for any updates.  Stay safe & warm.   Enjoy the winter … Continued

Holiday Heavy Lifting: Tips to Help Avoid Injury

The heavy lifting that comes with Thanksgiving cooking, Black Friday Shopping and decking the halls can put a real strain on your body. Lifting heavy items such as a turkey, a new flat screen TV and box full of holiday decorations with the wrong mechanics can cause strain and injury to the neck, shoulders and … Continued

Sharing Success

Everyday at Advantage we have the privilege of serving our patients.   We recently received the following note that does an excellent job on why we do what we do each day.    I wanted to share it with everyone. “One year ago I was preparing for the Richmond VA Marathon, when I was diagnosed with plantar … Continued

5 Tips To Avoid Injury While Raking Leaves This Fall

The time of year is upon us where the leaves start changing to beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow, etc…which of course is followed by their inevitable fall to the ground.   For many of us, this annual occurrence adds an item to our Fall “To Do” list.   Some, with a tree or two in their … Continued

New York City Triathlon

  This summer, on August 3 to be precise, I had the opportunity to compete in the NYC Triathlon.   It’s an event that I’ve wanted to be part of for several years now, but due to the demand & limited number of spots (approximately 4000) – entry into this race is done via lottery.  I’ve … Continued

Rehabbing in a Busy World

Advantage Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation provides our clients with the highest quality of care so they can obtain the best results possible.   We would like to highlight the fact that we provide orthopedic care to children, adolescents, and adults. Since most parents do not want their children to miss school and clients do not … Continued

Bridge the gap between physical therapy & fitness

Here at Advantage we’re working to bridge the gap between physical therapy & fitness.   Many of our patients complete a successful course of physical therapy & ask “Now what?”   They’ve gotten better, built some confidence & realize they want to take the next steps to continue improving their health.          We’re now … Continued

Advantage Pedometer Challenge!

The pedometers have arrived!!! Stop by Advantage Physical therapy to pick up your free pedometer and get ready to start walking August 1st.    Starting August 1st we will have the pedometer challenge, were the goal is to walk 5,000 steps a day increasing by 1,000 steps a week till we can walk a total of 10,000 … Continued

Are you Sure of Your Insure?

Are you sure of your insure (ance)? With the ever-changing insurance policies these days, people everywhere are wondering– How do I know which doctor’s office or clinic will take my insurance? How much does my insurance cover? It is important to keep up with your company’s news and policies as they change all the time.  … Continued